Conservative Evidence-Based Treatment

Our treatment plans are based on analysis of the orthodontic records taken in conjunction with the experience of completing 14,000 orthodontic cases and current research results. Each orthodontic case is so unique that one philosophy cannot possibly be applied to all patients. We agree with most research that timely orthodontics can typically be completed within ONE SINGLE PHASE of treatment which eliminates the need for unnecessary early treatment. This results in an overall shorter time in braces which avoids hygiene issues, young patient “burn out”, and duplication of early treatment work. Financially this is more effective and minimizes the psychological impact of spending a considerable amount of early childhood in an orthodontic office.

Complimentary Consultation

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an initial exam by the age 7. That is not an endorsement for treatment at that age, but more a screening to identify patients that possess the more complicated issues. There are obvious cases that are truly severe enough to warrant early intervention, but the majority of patients can easily be treated in the tween years (10-13) when they are ideal candidates dentally, socially and biologically. We believe there should be no obstacles to a patient who wants to find out what is involved to maximize their smile and encourage all potential orthodontic patients to contact our office for a free discussion of treatment options available. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate our intentions and reasoning behind the orthodontic plans we propose.

Unparalleled Orthodontic Office Experience

Both of our offices are state of the art, immaculate physical plants in which you will undoubtedly feel most comfortable. The intentional homey ambiance was to relax prospective patients as they approach a completely non-threatening environment. This allows for a calm interchange between orthodontist and patient which may be less likely in a colder, clinical type setting. Our diverse, professional staff of hygienists, certified dental assistants and front desk managers is highly educated holding degrees in accounting, marketing and education. They are flight attendants, teachers, meteorologists and family members who could successfully bring their high level of service to any field, but have chose our office to provide a quality team to deliver orthodontic care. Our current and former patients are well aware of the office happenings that will surely make their orthodontic experience one they will not forget!

Invisalign, Lingual, Ceramic

With over 20 years experience with Invisalign we have the advantage of selecting cases which will respond ideally to clear aligner therapy. We believe certain patients can maximize their smiles easily and predictably with Invisalign. Other malocclusions may not respond as well. We are able to explain the advantages and disadvantages of all modalities and will help you select an orthodontic system that achieves esthetics without a compromise in results.

Convenient Hours

We are open almost every day and minor holidays which allows ease of appointment making, and a continuity of orthodontic care resulting in quick, efficient and superb results.